1978 GoldWing for sale – $2100


1978 Gold Wing GL 1000 – $2100

  • 82,000 miles
  • Carbs have been rebuilt
  • New cables (clutch and accelerator)
  • Brake fluid flushed and changed
  • Corbin Seat (super plush)

If you are looking for a classic GL1000 – this is a great bike.  I bought this from my brother-in-law last fall and have really enjoyed it.  I have put about 2000 miles on the bike and it is incredible.  One trip was about 1100 miles.  I would trust this bike for any length of run.

The Samsonite luggage is included – I have epoxied all the cracks from the inside.  (These are very prone to cracking) and the still look cool.  Very vintage.

The mufflers have been replaced with the Sportster pipes – the originals were rusting away.

I have removed the large Vetter fairing and opted for the clean, no fairing look.  I do have a windshield which can be added for a little more wind protection – if that is what you are looking for.  (I do still have the Vvetter if you want it – too much for the look I was after.)

I have also modified the rear rack.  I changed the rear lights and turn signals to aftermarket and then shortened the height of the rear rack.  I lover the bagger look of the wings and this, in my opinion, really helps it out.  You can see how low it is in the picture here.

Please call or email with questions.  tom@altmanville.com or 319-430-0407